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MSDS_Laurox_CN Product Details

MSDS_Laurox_CN Product Details

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Product description

Diauroyl peroxde

ars(on ) L._. {on )-on

Ade oxygen content peroxide

Mdacular weight



:3.97% min.



actual product


TSCA status

: listed on inventary


vinyiidene chbride, acrlates and methacrlates.

Intator for the (colpo merizaion of styrene, ethyene, winyi chlodde.



:White takes wihout

Add as laurb acld


any contamination

:0.4% max.

:99.0% min.


:1.06 g/am

Maiting point range

Bulk density



:471-497 kgm30-31 b/

Half-life data

vadous temperatures. For Laurok in chorobenzene:

The readvty of an organic peroxide is usually ghen by iis halhlite tte) al

a1 hr

a 99C(210月

10 hr

1 hr

at 79'℃ (174F)

at 61*C (142 F

equatons and constants

The hal-ife at other temperatures can be calculated by using the following


Dun to the rahtiaty unstabe natum of argarie peroxhes a lor of qualit

each arganic peroxide produd.

AkzoNobel recommends a maximum storace temperalure (T, max.)tor

can be deteded over a penlod of time. To minimize the loss of qualiy.

For Laurox


When stored under these recommended starage condiions, Lauror will

remain within the AlzcNobel spechiicatons for a period of at least three

manths after delhery.

NAR HP 66000.02/Augs1 2008

Themal stability

sel-accelerating decompostion. The lowest temperature at which self

Organic peroddes are thermally us table substances, which may undergo

SADT is determined on the basis of the Heat Accumdation Storace Test

ocaur is the Self Acclerating Dacemporiiion Temperature (SADT.. The

acceleratng decomposition of a substance in the criginal packaging may

Manurlof Tess andCaera - Unied Natans, Naw York and Ceneva).

SADTolaganic pero do see Racmmandafons an tha Traspor of Dangcrous Coods

The liat Accumulaion Storage Teat is a reoognlned test mathad for the deermnation of te

Malor docomposition

Caban diadde, Dacosane, Undecme, Undeey dodecanoate


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