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trigonox-v388-vr-thermoset-composites-glo-en Product Details

trigonox-v388-vr-thermoset-composites-glo-en Product Details

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Trigonox V388 VR is a general purpose methylethyl



ketone peroxide (MEKP)with aVR sstem for the curing



of unsaturated polyesterresins in the presence ofa

TSCA status

cobalt accelerator at room and elevated temperatures

ltted an inventory



fied liouts

Toul ache oxygun



Dentty, 20℃

1.120 g/om'


37 Clonnd Orpl/ :63(Opm GplC


Triganaxw V388 Vi is gencral purpose methy! ethyt keone perokde (Mekpforthe curing of uns sfu ated po eterredn s

in the predence af a cobalt accelentor at room and elevited tampetures. The curing sytem Trgonoet V38a VR/cabal!

acceleratar is developed for general purpaie Ckp. and non df-appications such as the cudng of taminating redns and

cattings.far roam temperature application it is necessaryto use frigonontev388 ih together wih a cobalt accelcrator

le.a. AcceleratarTH NLe1g. The vanthing red fvR oees of producis inctude a red indicator system that dissno cars

durna the cure. The red color is only wiahe when needed but nat in the finithed end praduct. The key features are!

indicates initiator presence, monitoring of the mbing step, manitaring af the cure by colar and indicating under cure d

area's in the mald, and laet but nat loast it lsawt the and pooduet ccioriess affer the cur

Thermal stability

Creanic peraxides are thermallyunt ahle sbdancos which may undego ssacceerahna decompashon. The lowest


Acceterating becampostion Temoerturei56DT The sof is desrmined on the bads of the Heat /ccumulat on 's torage

te mooraure at which solfacceloting decompotfon ofa subsance in the arioinat pacaoing may ocour is the setfs

dtmmnat ion al tht sADTal orpite pao des te conmirid toms on tht

The lht Acoumubton SogTas s arecoind tatmtod or tha

Tepor elDangrous Good, Manual ol Testand Cite-Ureed Nators w

bue to the rolstivelyuns thble nature of orcani pororides a foss of graity can be defected overa perod of tme. To

minimize the loss of qualy houryon recommonds a marmumso age temperature iis ma for each organic peroxde

Whin stondunda tharecommended hoos conadonst Ganond V3id VR


The slandard packaging is a201HDPE can thourytanerof for 20 kg perodde souton. bot packsoing and transport me et

representative. Trigonow@V388VR is classfied as Organic peronde type D; liquk; Divslon 5.2; UN 3105: PG I

the in tarnational regustions forthe awaisbilty of other packed quanites confact your Nouryon

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