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MSDS-Perkadox 16-Chi

MSDS-Perkadox 16-Chi Product Details

MSDS-Perkadox 16-Chi Product Details

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Product doscription

Di(4-ta -butyicy dahes0 perasydicar bo na te

Active orygen cortent peroxide

actual product







TSCA status


: listed on inventory





:White powder

Inoganic + organic hydrolysable chloride

:0.4% max.


Bulk density. 20°C


:0.113 g/cn

:450-480 kgim’


Due to the relativdy uns table nature of orginic peroxides a loss of

quality, AkzoNobel recammends a madmum sforage temperature (T,

quality can be deteded over a penod of time. to minimize the loss of

max.) for each aginic perodde product.

For Perkadox 16


When sfored under the recommended sforage cond tons, Perkadox 16

months ater delivery.

will remain within the AkzoNobel specificafons for a perlod of at least 3

Thermal stability

Organic peraides are thaimally uns table substances, which may

undergo self-accelerating decomposition. The lowest temperature at

packaging may occuris the Self-Accelerating Decomposition

which self-acceleraing decompostion of a suostance in the od ginal

Temperature (SADT. The SADT is determined on the basis of the Heat

Accumu aion Storage Test.

Gous, Manuslof Tesis and Criers -United Nalons New York and Gonval.

the SADT of araanie peronides ee Rccommendalons on the Tanscort d Dargerols

ThaHt Accmu:don Swape Testis arecoonized fest mehod for tha datamninaton of

TS 66145000cember 2015

Pape 1 of 3

Major decomposition

Carbon diodde, 4-tert-Buy! cycloheanol, 4 terl butylcy dohexanone


Packaging and

In North America Perkedor 16 is packed in non-retunable carions


cortaining 25 potethylene bags d 1 ib net welghtor 5 polyethylene

bags of 5 lb net welght.

In othur regions the standard packaging is a cardboird box for 20 kg

perox de.

Both packaging and transport meet the international regulations. For the


ava lablity of other pecked quant tes contact your AkzoNobel

Perkadox 16 is dassl fed as Organic perodde type C;solid,temperature

controlled; Divison 5.2; UN 3114 PG II.

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