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Norion HBO-50

Norion HBO-50 Product Details

Norion HBO-50 Product Details

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Butanoxhboc-50 is a hypergasified alpha-B product of rapid gum production

CAS number


At room temperature and temperature, it is used with cobalt accelerator for unsaturated polyester resin



For example: manufacture of corrugated plates.

Tsca-like record

It's on the list



Clear colorless liquid

Total reactive oxygen species



Density,20 ° C



19 mPas


Butanoxhboc-50 is a methyl ethyl rigid MEKP peroxide, which can be used for curing unsaturated polyketone resins under the conditions of chamber burial and 塭.

The Butancug HBO-50/ product will describe the curing of the lineal system, especially the active and related presses and cleansers, which will be compared with the PTANOX M-50/ lineal culture system

The parity of flower box seed and the rate of lifting and curing. In addition, it can be used in the production of photogenic products because it is compatible with the formyl/amine process

Thermal stability

Organic peroxides are thermally unstable substances and can undergo self-accelerating decomposition. The self-accelerating decomposition temperature (SADT) is a substance that is likely to produce self-accelerating decomposition in its dry transport package

The minimum temperature of SADT was determined according to the heat accumulation fruit storage test.


65 ℃


The hot fruit storage test is the accepted secondary method for dry determination of organic peroxide SADT (dry dangerous goods)

The Proposal of the Object - Test and Standard Hand)- United Nations, New York and Geneva).


The phase material of electron organic oxidation is not fixed, and there will be a certain equivalent loss in the clearance of the junction time. In order to spread, refers to the material small, Nori product construction has a kind of organic. cultural

Maximum storage temperature (maximum storage humidity).

Maximum temperature

25 ℃

Look out

When stored under the recommended conditions, the ButanaxOH8O-50 will remain in Norigo for at least 3 months after delivery

Product specifications within the norm.

Packing and shipping

The standard package is 30 litre HDPE(Nourytainer8) in 30 kg of peroxide solution. The product supplied in Asia Pacific is 301HDPE containing 20kg peroxide solution. package

And shipping in accordance with international regulations. For availability of other quantitative packages, please contact Noripin sales representative, Butanox@HBO-50 belongs to Class D organic peroxides; Liquid, grade

5.2; UN3105,PG II.

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