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MSDS PERKADOX GB-50X-CN-ZH Product Details

MSDS PERKADOX GB-50X-CN-ZH Product Details

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Free flowing 50% phthalate-free peroxide-formulated products.

CAS number


Excellent solubility in thermosetting resins for use in unsaturated polyester trees



Curing of fat and (methyl) acrylic resins at room temperature and temperature.

Tsca-like record

Active oxygen content peroxides

Not listed in inventory




White white by flowing powder


48.0 to 50.0%


Packing density

640 kg'm


PerkadoxG8-50X is a 50% content of new benzophenol, white powder, does not caking, has good free flow, at room temperature and lift under the piece by hand

Brain solidification when saturated with polycocin and (methyl) infield acid. Below 80 "° C, Perkadox GB-50 needs to be used in conjunction with the class promotion penalty, and above 80 ° C can be used without protection

In dosage, PerkadoxGB-50X is very easily dispersed and dissolved in non-run and polyenzyme resins and (methyl) acrylic resins. PerkadoxGB-50X dissolved dry resin after tree wax system

It is not very transparent, so when producing resin products with high transparency, it is recommended to use a special absorbent curing agent PerkadoxGB-50L.

Thermal stability

Organic peroxides are thermally unstable materials and can decompose themselves at an accelerated rate. The self-accelerating decomposition temperature (SADT) is the likely self-accelerating decomposition of an object in the packaging it is used for transportation

Minimum humidity. SADT based on heat accumulation storage test,


55 ℃


The thermal black accumulation test is the accepted dry test method for the determination of organic peroxide SADT (then (about the use of public goods)

Fear of building book trials and machines)- United Nations, New York and Intraday Mutual)


Since the phase of organic: oxide is not qualitative, there will be a certain amount of listening and referring to the class after this period of time. In order to minimize the amount of loss, Noripin heats each organic peroxide

Have a maximum storage temperature (maximum busy storage humidity).

Maximum temperature

25 ℃

Look out

The PedadcG8-50X is maintained in the recommended conditions for at least 12 months after delivery

Norion's product specifications are within the norm.

Packing and shipping

The standard package is 25kg/ carton, and the packaging and transportation comply with international regulations. For availability of other quantitative packages, please contact Norion Sales Representative PerkadoxG8-50XD

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